You need a solid process to build a custom home. At Osborne, our process begins with you. Before we start each new project, we meet with our clients; we listen, and we determine your expectations. Through communication and trust, we get the job done. Our sole goal at Osborne is to earn your trust, which we have done the same way since we started in 2004. Osborne delivers. Every time. Listening to what you want and expect is a critical part of successfully building your custom home. 

At Osborne, we are project management specialists. Our project management team centralizes the forces behind building your home, connecting different trade contractors, designers and suppliers, and acting as a liaison between them and you. We help you navigate the complexities of the home construction process created by hundreds of selections, decisions, and challenges. 

During planning, we meet with architects, clients, interior designers, and owners’ reps to drive their efforts forward in one direction – toward realizing your needs and wants. We map out clear project schedules, material specifications, and budgets to ensure that your home is constructed on-time, on budget, and to your specifications. When you establish expectations with all your project stakeholders during preconstruction, you lay the foundation for a smooth construction process.  

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Pricing a luxury home build is a complicated process, and we know how to present you with an accurate, complete price that’s both transparent and realistic. Osborne works with you to develop a clear, complete construction plan that’s practical and includes an allowance for surprises and other unknown costs that may arise during construction. With Osborne, we work hard to present all costs and options to you before we start building, to prevent change orders and financial stress down the road.  At Osborne, communication is key, and this extends to pricing.   

Since 2004, we’ve built homes throughout the LA area using the best industry technology to ensure seamless communication among our team members and with you. Through our project management and accounting systems, every team member is kept informed throughout the entire process through project status updates and timeline notifications. We track budgets and schedules at every step along the way to ensure that we stay on schedule and on budget.  We believe in transparency and availability of information – always – in real time whenever you need it. When we’re informed, you’re informed. We’ve found that communication is key to successful project execution.   

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We dedicate our days to transforming your dreams and visions into your custom home. We take great pride in winning your trust. Through our experience, expertise, and the strength of our network, we’ve completed projects of all sizes and complexities since 2004. At Osborne, we deliver. We deliver a seamless construction experience and the custom home you want. Our architects trust us. Our designers trust us. Our owners’ reps trust us. We hope to earn your trust too. 

Long after your home is built, Osborne will be there for you. Our service, advice, and friendship last beyond the completion of your custom home. Count on us to partner with you for any of your service or remodeling needs. Whether it’s months, or years, after we’ve completed your
home, your relationship with Osborne is for the long term.  

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